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3D Atomic Structure of Pt Nanocrystals

3D atomic coordinates in the Pt nanocrystals revealed by 3D SINGLE (3D Structure Identification of Nanoparticles by GLC EM) or Brownian one-particle reconstruction


Posted on November 14, 2022


3D Cartesian coordinates of constituent atoms in the Pt nanocrystals for the papers


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(2) S. Kim, J. Kwag, C. Machello, S. Kang, J. Heo, C. F. Reboul, S. Kang, S. Shim, S.-J. Pakr, B. H. Kim, T. Hyeon, P. Ercius*, H. Elmlund*, and J. Park*, “Correlating 3D Surface Atomic Structure and Catalytic Activities of Pt Nanocrystals”, Nano Lett. 21, 1175-1183 (2021)

(3) J. Heo, D. Kang, S. Kim, H. Chun, B. Han*, B. H. Kim*, and J. Park*, “3-Dimensional Scanning of Entire Unit Cells in Single Nanoparticles”, ChemNanoMat 8, e202200057 (2022)

(4) D. Kang‡, S. Kim‡, J. Heo, D. Kim, H. Bae, S. Kang, S. Shim*, H. Lee*, and J. Park*, “Complex ligand adsorption on 3D atomic surfaces of synthesized nanoparticles investigated by machine-learning accelerated ab initio calculation”, Submitted

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